Green Anti Aging

How To Start Green Anti-Aging


How To Start Green Anti-Aging? Regular physicals, preventative health screenings, vaccinations and a good relationship with your doctor are the foundation of a good anti-aging plan.


Start by taking stock! Green Anti-Aging starts with regular physicals and a good relationship with your doctor.

A physical reveals where you’re at in terms of your health and aging. It may identify a lurking issue. Having regular physicals is important in particular past the age of 40.

Preventative health screenings are usually a good thing as problems identified early are easiest to treat and most often, treated successfully.

Vaccinations that help prevent diseases (from a flu or pneumonia to shingles, etc.) are another highly recommended approach to good health management. Every disease or illness diminishes the resources of an aging body. Preventing diseases is preserving your natural resources.

Good relationship with your doctor? If you are interested in the topic of green anti-aging, chances are you’ve already noticed – or developed – some aging-related symptoms. In some cases, you may already be on some type of a regimen to treat them. Should you want to make any changes – even “green” ones – it’s ALWAYS a good idea to run such plans by your doctor. True, doctors are not all the same. Some have extensive knowledge of natural approaches to aging, including nutritional supplements, some have next to none. Still, any anti-aging efforts conventional or green will have better results when you work with your doctor’s approval and support.

Finally, even though there’s plenty an individual could achieve alone, the one thing you can’t and won’t be able to do is measure results. Having a doctor in your corner will ensure that the results of your efforts are monitored and measured which will help you evaluate and fine-tune your green anti-aging efforts. Yes, even the green starts with the conventional however even though the approach of your doctor and the approach of green anti-aging may vary, the goal is the same: to ensure that you enjoy the best possible health for as long as possible.