Green Anti Aging

Green Anti-Aging Supplements


Green Anti-Aging Supplements: the right anti-aging supplements will make you feel more energetic, healthier, stronger and YOUNGER!


In this category, I’ll explore actual, tried and true natural anti-aging supplements as well some of the most popular fads.

The anti-aging supplements I’ll discuss here soon have a long safety record. Even so, it’s wise to consult your doctor before you decide to add a new supplement to your usual routine. (If you’re already taking a medication to thin your blood, adding a supplement that does the same – that’s an example, of course! – may be dangerous. Certain supplements are not be recommended for people with preexisting conditions, and so on.)
Provided you consult your doctor beforehand and have his – or her – blessing, the right anti-aging supplements will make you feel more energetic, healthier, stronger and – hello! – YOUNGER!

Before we go any further, I’d like to stress three points:

1/ When buying ANY nutritional supplements don’t use price as the only measure of their value! (Find a reputable supplier that sells good quality supplements and if you have to pay a few bucks more, take my word for it, you’ll be glad you did.) Just once, with a cash flow at an all time low, I tried to save money on nutritional supplements: I purchased the best stuff there is at unbelievably low prices. I regret spending the money till today’s day because none of the supplements I bought from this particular supplier had a potency to speak of: had I drunk a glass of water instead, the effect would have been the same.
On the other side of the same coin, it’s just as important to note beforehand that the strength of some nutritional supplements – like the strength of some over-the-counter and prescription drugs – is often more appropriate for a large man than a petite woman. Should you experience ANY adverse effects while taking even the most touted anti-aging supplement, discontinue its use. (In my personal experience, too much of a good thing isn’t good, either.)

2/ We all tend to be a bit lazy. Unfortunately, there are no anti-aging supplements that can substitute for smart eating or active lifestyle. All of them work best for people who eat smart and exercise.

3/ Don’t forget that aging is a process of DEGENERATION. The symptoms you’re experiencing right now are alerting you to the current condition of your body. The way we age stands in direct proportion to the way we lived until now. If your experience of aging is outright awful, it means that you’ve abused your body to the limit and didn’t take your health into consideration while burning the candle from both ends. No, I’m not preaching: I’m merely stating facts. If the facts scare you that’s wonderful, let’s hope that the fear will help you change and take better care of yourself from now on. (Just in case you’re wondering: IT’S NOT TOO LATE!)