Green Anti Aging

Green Anti-Aging Routines


Green Anti-Aging Routines: the right exercise can counteract and remedy lower back pain, sciatica, poor circulation, headaches and other damage due to lifestyle.


Notice the S in routines. As we both know the older you get, the more there are. I can’t possibly explore them all in one article. I’ll go into some detail of ONE green anti-aging routine now.

While talking about green anti-aging ROUTINES, regular exercise is the first thing that comes to mind. It’s simple really: if you are active, you’ll stay active. If you’re not, bad news is coming your way.
The human body has thousands of bones, joints and muscles. When we use them – like a child does – all of them are activated and strong. When we fail to use them they begin to deteriorate: bones lose their density, joints screech, muscles may shrink and eventually atrophy.

Many inner processes of the human body rely on motion: the heart pumps blood; lungs keep us breathing; the brain fires neurons; the kidneys work tirelessly; the digestive system is in constant motion. Life is motion. Inactive lifestyle signals the body to slow down and prepare to seize all its functions. If that’s the message you’re sending to your body, you must be miserable and nothing seems to work right!

Many people don’t exercise at all, many others hate to exercise. Don’t worry, I’m not about to preach, as a matter of fact I spent years hating exercise. What did I learn? There is exercise and there is exercise. When you find exercise that works FOR YOU, it becomes something you crave and don’t want to live without. (I exercise 7 days a week because NOW I want to.) The secret is finding an exercise routine that works FOR YOU.

I don’t know YOUR answer. I know what did the trick for me. I managed staying in shape with regular exercise for years. My sedentary lifestyle however produced more and more symptoms regardless of all the exercise: lower back pain, sciatica, headaches, poor circulation and more. I was in constant pain, relied on painkillers and hated exercise more and more. Until one day and very much by accident, I overheard that physical therapy aims to counteract existing damage. I thought about “counteracting” for quite a while, I consulted a friend who happens to be a physical therapist and yes, I gradually figured out what and how to “counteract” to remedy my damages and feel well, again. It’s hard – even for me – to believe it, but it worked. Now I’m eager to exercise: since I continue sitting in front of a computer screen 18 hours a day, I have to “counteract” the damage I inflict every day, DAILY. Now I’m EAGER to exercise because doing the right exercise FOR ME, keeps me in shape and PAIN-FREE.

I know that this isn’t a “prescription” for you. I hope that it may inspire you to look for the RIGHT type of exercise for yourself. The right thing not only works, but is life-saving! You have no idea – I certainly didn’t! – just how many of the aches and pains you might be experiencing can be remedied with the right exercise.

For those of you who are not Olympic champions and are looking to start green anti-aging gently, I highly recommended Yoga or Miranda Esmonde-White’s Aging Backwards.

Keep in mind that this brief article on Green Anti-Aging Routines is but a preface to many blog posts on the subject still to come…